Appellate Practice

Need to appeal an adverse ruling?  Or do you need to defend a favorable ruling that your opponent appealed?  If you need to appeal or answer an appeal in one of Florida’s appellate courts, contact Attorney John Cavaliere at for a consultation.

Attorney John Cavaliere has handled appeals for the firm since he joined in 2015.  His experience working as a judicial clerk at Florida’s First District Court of Appeal gave him valuable insight into how appellate judges approach cases and what they are looking for in the briefing and oral argument.  Setting up the case for a favorable outcome on appeal starts in the trial court.  John can also assist in the drafting of dispositive motions, trial, and post-trial motions.

  • Appellate services include:
  • Filing notice of appeal
  • Drafting briefs
  • Extraordinary writ petitions and responses (certiorari, prohibition, mandamus, etc.)
  • Record preparation and review
  • Oral argument
  • Post-opinion motions and responses
  • Trial support
  • Post-trial motions
  • Dispositive motions in trial court
  • Motions for attorneys’ fees and costs