CC&R Enforcement

Prompt and consistent action is necessary to enforce your community rules and regulations, in an effort to maintain property values and preserve the integrity of your Association’s covenants. Friscia & Ross, PA will consult with your Association’s board to aggressively pursue all the enforcement tools available under your governing documents and Florida law, including:

  • Covenant, bylaw and rule enforcement
  • Enforcement demands
  • Suspension of use rights
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Imposition of fines
  • Evictions
  • Pre-Suit Mediation
  • Litigation

Each procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages. The firm will be pleased to consult with the board to determine the best methods to implement and enforce its covenants in an expeditious and cost effective manner. For further information, contact one of our attorneys at 813-286-0888, or by e-mail at to arrange an appointment.